Met Hera

A writer wanna be but then spent most of her life in admin job and she said it’s a matter of reality, she always in passionate in organizing the trip, a control freak who will make everything under control including your budget! As her background in administration keep influenced  

Met Pande

He’s the most of consistent person, he loves what he’s doing and always feel into what he did, he’s a man with Bali history in his head, he’s a living museum you can ask about, put him on your plan and he will make you feel like a truly time traveler


met indera


A man with multiple talents, he has start his journey by complete his bachelor in agriculture but out of sudden he’s now more into Web design and photography, he’s also follow his other desire in architecture, ask him what he plans next then for a while you will only hear God is laughing and then he just step on his plan with no plan “just do it “then he said, and you’ll find your journey captured in a beautiful art piece on his hand and the camera.