Relaxation in Bali can be in many ways, depend on what is relaxation purpose you were looking for, some people believe that relax your mind is the main purpose before you relax your body, challenge yourself by join the hippy lifestyles and just be happy, stay healthy, be yogis, get the healthy food, while you in Bali, as Bali always can offer you a magically option where you can transform yourself into deeper peacefully mind and soul then get the new you after the trip, remember what eat, pray, love recommend you? Eat healthy, pray deeply and love yourself! Before you decide where to go, here are the best places in Bali where you can get relaxation of your body, mind and soul that we can recommend only for you.
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How to get the best place for relaxation

Lets Go Canggu


Your beautiful relaxation trip has not just stop there in Ubud and surrounding, feel the beatless in Canggu where you can reach the area out of hustle and bustle of the town and just taking a few minutes from the center Seminyak the trendiest area nowadays, Canggu is now transformed itself from Surfer break into such a various communities from digital nomad, yogis or group of people who just drop by to chill. You will meet many young expat and entrepreneur have some cakes and coffee brainstorming in a chic coffee shop surrounding, attractive peoples with their projects and so many inspirational things can influence you here. You can also found a lot of sweet and nice shops surrounding the area, the best place to get the steak with a rock music performance or just spend your Sunday in their Sunday market with a lot of knick knacks to remind you where Bali has got your step in the ground, to complete your perfect relaxation trip try stay like hippy in retreat and follows their programs, such as yoga class, eat in their healthy style with raw and organic food and drinks, try the traditional herbs mix drinks, we can find the perfect place for you!     

Let's Go Tegalalang


Tegalalang is the area name you can reach just straight from Ubud center in approximately 20 minutes away and over there you can get the best rice terrace view with a tracking site and lots of photography objects including the amazing swing in the middle of the rice terrace. In this area you can also try the most popular coffee luwak where the fermentation process of the coffee has being proceed in a cat stomach through it’s pups and long the way to Tegalalang from Ubud you can also found the art shops where you can get all unique stuffs from the decoration piece until artistic cutleries and stationary 

Let's Go Ubud


Ubud, is the place where the relaxation trip idea has begun, the beautiful people were staying there to get deeply blend themselves in nature, with a green expanse and influence of spiritual people and wonderful art surrounding where you can feel the sensation of dragging the mood into relax mood, Try the organic food and healthy drink in this area, but don’t get lost as it will be a lot of option here! Find the painting museum and the royal castle in the center, meet the artist and get some artworks from them with a very good deal, paintings, sculptures, you named it! Don’t forget to try the open air spa facing the greenery after all the activity would be perfect as a closure of a day.


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