Culinary Bali trip

Arrived in Bali and feel hungry? Where to start to get the best taste of Bali?

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Culinary around


Well if you arrived at the day time, the option are available along the street, try Balinese traditional dishes such as Ayam betutu (Chicken with herbs and spice marinated well cooked in massive time and resulted the best tender quality of the meats) But if you were arrived in the night time there would be more various type of food not limited only  to Balinese food but also from almost around Indonesia, for Indonesian it might has kind of modified style from the origin but still all the seller were being representative and try to introduce you to almost all Indonesia dishes and snacks, just start from Jalan Dewi Sri Kuta, it’s a local street food full of recommended eat place with the best taste, from the nice restaurant with a very friendly prices start from 1US$ for the Indonesian fried chicken served with rice, raw vegetables and spice sambal to maximum 5US$ to get the oxtail soup or the grill ribs in Indonesian taste, recommended coffee shop with barista class available here too to present the taste of Indonesian coffee by professional baristas. 

Street Food in Bali


Still in the same road Jalan Dewi Sri Kuta, you can also found the typical Indonesian snacks, the legendary cakes from west java, Indonesian rice flour pancake with many topping option called Soerabi Bandung is the most favorite! Balinese themselves has their own signature night dishes called nasi jingo price in approximately only 25 cents (IDR 5,000), it’s a very small portion of rice with a very small portion of tempe orek (fried fermented soya bean marinated in soya bean sauce) ayam suwir sambel merah (shredded chicken in spice chili sauce) telor dadar (shredded omlete) and sambal (Indonesian chili paste), or just get along the beach in a sunset and try the Indonesian meatball called Bakso with it’s signature soup and  fried dimsum called pangsit, however before you decide to experience taking food from the street make sure you can deal with spicy cause most of Indonesian food were consist of chili and just be selected in the place with the good standard of cleanliness and just minimize the food with spicy taste if you think your stomach cannot adjusted easily.